varun mudra Varun Mudra: Put the tips of thumb and little finger together as shown in Figure
Benefits: It cures impurities of blood, skin problems and makes the skin smooth. Useful in gastro-enteritis and any other diseases causing dehydration.
Sun Mudra: Bend the ring finger and on its outer side on second fold, press with thumb as per the Figure.
Benefits: It creates heat in the body, helps digestion and helps in reducing fat in the body.
sun mudra
ling mudra Ling (Shiv) Mudra:Join both the palms and interlock the fingers, keep the thumb of left hand vertically straight and encircle it with index finger and thumb of right hand as shown in Figure
Benefits:It increases the resistance power of body against cold and bronchal infections and also against changes in weather, fever due to cold. It gives power to lungs creates heat in the body and burns up accumulated phelgm and even fat. While practicing this mudra one must drink plenty of green and fruit juices and water at least 8 glasses a day. Now when performing these mudras if pranayam is done, you will get better results.
Pran Mudra (Life Energy): Bend the little and ring fingers so that their tips touch the tip (Front edge) of thumb as shown in Figure.
Benefit: It increases life force and cures nervousness, and fatigue, also helps increasing power of eyes and in reducing the number of glasses.
pran mudra
meditation mudra Meditation Mudra: Simply touch the thumb with index finger- pressing is not necessary.
Benefits: This helps in increasing brain power, mental concentration, memory etc. and cures problems of sleeplessness, tension, lack of concentration.
Vayumudra (Air): Keep the index finger on the base of thumb at the mount of Venus and press with thumb as shown in the figure.
Benefits: It cures Rheumatism, Arthritis, Gout, Parkinson's disease and blood circulation defects. For better results, also do Pran Mudra.
vayu mudra