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Apples are useful in kidney stones. In countries where the natural unsweetened cider is the common beverage, cases of stone or calculus are practically absent. The ripe fresh fruit will be more valuable.

The grape has an exceptional diuretic value on account of its high contents of water and potassium salt. Its value in kidney troubles is enhanced by its low albumin and sodium chloride content. It is an excellent food remedy in acute and chronic nephritis and in kidney and bladder stones.

The seeds of sour and sweet pomegranate are useful as a medicine. A tablespoonful of seeds, ground into a fine paste can be given along with a cupful of horse-gram soup to dissolve gravel in kidney and bladder.

Add a quarter glass of milk that has been boiled and cooled to three fourth glass of water. Mix it up several times, pouring it from a height - from one container to another - add a little sugar and rose water and mix it again. Take this drink a few times a day - it will allow free flow of urine and slowly stone will dissolved.

The syrup left over out of gulkand mixed with water in a dilute form is also good for curing the kidney stone.

Normally the seeds of grapes,oranges or munnakka are thrown away because they create stone. But if the seeds of grapes are crushed and their powder's only half gm. quantity is taken with milk every evening, the stones will be dissolved and thrown out of the system.

The juice of slightly raw type of apples is also effective to do so. But it should be taken with adequate quantity of black pepper sprinkled over it.