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Alcohol, Tobacco, too much of Coffee, too much of Tea and meat and flesh should be strictly avoided.

Apples are of special value to heart patients. They are rich in potassium and phosphorus but low in sodium. From ancient times apple with honey is considered a very effective remedy for functional disorder of heart. Recent researches by Dr. Elizabeth Barret-Cannor of California University have revealed that people who consume plenty of potassium through food items are likely to escape heart attacks. Apples as a good source of potassium, help in the alleviation of heart disease.

Grapes are highly beneficial in the treatment of heart disease. They tone up the heart and are effective in cardiac pain and palpitation of the heart. The diseases can be rapidly controlled if the patient adopts an exclusive grape diet for few days. Grape juice will be valuable when one is actually suffering from a heart attack. This will avert serious consequences by reducing the pain and palpitation.

Indian gooseberry is considered an effective remedy for heart disease. It tones up the functions of all the organs of the body and builds up health by destroying the heterogeneous elements and renewing the body energy.

Orange juice, sweetened with honey, is highly beneficial in heart diseases. In cardiac conditions like coronary ischaemia and infarction, when only liquid food is advisable. The use of orange juice with honey is a very safe energy giving liquid food.

The Asparagus is an excellent food for strengthening the heart. A food medicine for weak or enlarged hearts is prepared by mixing the freshly expressed juice of this vegetable with honey and taking a teaspoonful three times daily. Patients with heart diseases will also benefit by eating the cooked vegetable provided the cooking is done conservatively, preferable in steamed form.

Chanting of Oooomm…. in one breath as long as possible clears the artrites of blockage dipping the face in a bucket full of water and releasing the air through the nose as long as possible with out taking a water in with mouth closed totally and then bring the head out of the water open the mouth allowed oxygen to go in this is one of the best remedy by preventing by-pass surgery a patient preveen kumar kudari of Hinganghat has to say after enjography and definite bypass suggest by the doctor of leading hospital in Chennai. thanks to advice of Mr. vipin Chand have been practices in water therapy I am feeling much better and my cholesterol has gone down . Of course to take zero oil food also this is very good for heart diseases.

In a recent study, a West German doctor claims that garlic may prevent heart attacks. Professor Hams Reuters of Cologne University says that there is proof that garlic helps break up cholesterol in the blood vessels, thus helping in the prevention of hardening of arteries which leads to high blood pressure and heart attacks. If a patient takes garlic after a heart attack, the cholesterol level will come down. The earlier damage may not be repaired but its consumption will minimize the chances of new attacks.

Recent researches in the west have established onion as an effective preventive food item against heart attack. Dr. N.N. Gupta of the K.G. Medical College, Lucknow in 1966, and a panel of doctors in England in 1968 have stated that onion has been found helpful and beneficial in diseases of the heart. According to them these benefits are due to the presence of essential oil , aliypropyle disulphide, catechol, protocatechnic acid, thiopropiono aldehyde, thiocyanate, calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamins in onion..

Dr. N. Radhakrishnan, Principal of the Trivandrum Medical College and Dr. K. Madhavan Kutty have established. after seven years of research , that to get rid of coronary heart or blood pressure disorders and one should take 100gm of onion per day. The onion are very valuable in heart diseases as they correct thrombosis and also reduce blood cholesterol.

Safflower oil has proved beneficial in lowering blood cholesterol. Hence it can be used liberally by persons suffering from cardio vascular disorder. An emulsion by trade name saffloxin-cipla is used routinely during myocardial infraction, cardiac ischaemia and hypertension.

Dr. Arnold Lorand, an eminent nutrition experts considers honey as the best food for the heart. He observes, "Honey is easily digested and assimilated; it is the best sweet food., as it does not cause flatulence and can prevent it to a certain extent, promoting the activity of the bowels. It can be easily added to the five meals a day. I recommend it in cases of arteriosclerosis and of weak heart. As it would be unwise to leave such a hard working organ as the heart without food over the long hours of the night, I recommend heart patients to take before going to bed a glass of water with honey and lemon juice in it , and also to take it when awakening at night. Honey is useful in cardiac pain and palpitation of the heart".

Restoration of Vitality -

One must eat raw vegetable and fruits (Seasonal) one should not eat after sunset before sunrise monthly fast is very much advisable and good for overhauling the body.

Break fast timing 7- 8.30 AM. Noon meal between 12 -1 PM. Dinner before Sunset.

Taking 1 teaspoon of Ajawayan with hot water stimulates the heart and relieves heart- ache.

Taking Amla powder with cow's milk or Mishri with water gives relief in heart ailments. Taking roasted Channa or soaked black Channa is very useful for heart patients.

As diluting agent for blood - regular eating of Garlic & also having milk with Garlic boiled in it - controls assimilation of cholesterol.

Taking 10 gms juice of Neem leaves, ground cumin-seeds, mint and Kaala Namak - twice a day with lots of water intake during the day eliminates the burning sensation around the heart region.

Taking Neem chutney with meals is very useful for controlling Bile and stopping burning sensation.

Taking ¼ teaspoon of ground seeds of Bakayan tree twice a day with water strengthens heart muscles and dissolves cholesterol.

Taking juice of fresh and ripe phalsey with little soonth and jaggery strengthens the heart.

Thandai made with water-melon seeds grinded with rosepetal, melon seeds, blackpepper, poppy-seeds and Almonds - taken in water or milk is very noursing and imparts strength to heart and brain.

Taking 1 cup juice of fresh Tomatoes mixed with little powder of the bark of Arjun tree for 15-20 days eliminates problem of palpitation of heart.

Taking 10-12 gms ground fresh leaves of Pomegranate with 1 cup water 2 or 3 times gives relief.

Taking sharbat of Pomegranate gives instant relief in palpitation of heart.