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Your Will to get cured, Our Will to cure, Will get you Cured.

(Extracts from the forthcoming book- Food For World Peace by Vipin Chand )

Notes on Health-
Your Health is our Concern. Be it Industrial, Physical, Mental, Emotional.
We care for these Healths - We welcome your questions.
Living with Nature is Health. Living against Nature is Disease.
What is Basic health ?
-5 Elements and 6 Tastes. Any imbalance in these is disease.
The answer to all these is Food & Food. First and Foremost - One must be a Vegetarian and Teetotaler. If not, the balance is disturbed - what we call as disease.
It is very interesting to note that there is no such disease as Allergy. In other words, allergy is the disturbance of the balance. Body should not be treated for one particular organ. All organs are integral parts of the body. If the gen health improves the efficiency of all organs improve. The undersigned has treated himself for blood pressure,piles, spondilitis without medicine."

"The First symptom and signal for any disease is constipation. It is sad that many a times allopathy treats the very symbols and signals and rarely goes to the root cause of the disease. For example - tonsilitis. Person suffers from tonsilitis only to give the signal that something has gone wrong with the digestion and they act as watchman to tell the person to stop eating. Instead of treating the digestion, we operate on tonsilitis. "

"Similar is the case for by-pass surgery. The body has the automatic tendency to bypass if the precautions are taken which are generally taken after the by-pass."

Essentials of good health-
Satvic food(higher level of vegetarianism) is the only food which gives high EQ and peace.
"Vegetarianism spreads peace. Spread vegetarianism for the sake of world peace -vipin"
One must eat 6 tastes and 5 color each day.

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The 5 basic elements of the body namely-Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space, can be controlled by applying pressure on different fingers. The result is more pronounced if these mudras are practised along with pranayam or controlled breathing. The breathing should be in the ratio 4:2:5:2 during the 4 stages of pranayam - Inhale, Hold, Exhale, Hold.
Some common Mudras

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Tips on Diseases

We suggest Food for various diseases.
Some general diseases-
Kidney Stones
Blood Pressure
Skin Diseases
Any Other...

"say NO to medicine"
The suggestion given is general and may or may not be applicable for individuals. One has to try on himself.

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Please mail us our feedback to us. Please tell us if you have shifted to vegetarian diet as we are collecting data.

We Tap Nature For Your Health