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Blood pressure is directly connected with the total working of system of the body and cannot be treated as a separate disease. The brain runs all the organs. The drugs prescribed by doctors for blood pressure are only temporary and have more side effects than the cure. The real culprit behind the Blood Pressure is toxic matter which is present in the blood and in the body. We have to attack in to two angles- the blood should be purified and the toxic matter in the body has to thrown out which means kidney and heart should work more efficiently then the present. The Blood Pressure may be due to addiction, mental stress due to modern way of life but often it is on account of the brain not able to give proper signals to the systems. The brain needs 80 % oxygen of the total requirements of the body. Toxic matter are either present in the body or prepared by the body due to various factors like fear, hiding the truth. Chemicals are produced due to the thoughts in the body which causes impurities in the blood and in turn the rhythm is not maintained due to sort of overloading the system.

The cure

The causes for most of the problems or we can say for all the problems is constipation and nothing else or if a person passes stool(motion) twice a day thereby the toxic chemicals do not circulate more in the body since thrown out periodically- morning and evening.

One has to avoid hot stuff like chilies, pickles, clove, and in no case meat and eggs, are not allowed.